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You have an vehicle that is damaged, not running or scrap that you want to get rid of today.

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Your junk car gets recycled and parts re-used in many different ways. ECO-Friendly to the Environment – Auto Recycling

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Calgary Used & Junk Acura Buyers

Are you an Acura owner and need to sell you used or broken down Acura today? Bills Scrap Cars buys all types of Acura’s running or not, give us a call for a cash quote on your Acura today!

Common Acura Problems

Acura, Honda’s luxury vehicle division, generally produces reliable vehicles. However, like any other brand, Acura cars may experience some common issues. It’s important to note that the severity and frequency of these problems can vary depending on the model, year, and specific vehicle conditions. Here are some common problems reported by Acura owners:

Acura Transmission Problems

Some Acura models, especially those with automatic transmissions, have been reported to experience transmission problems. Symptoms may include rough shifting, slipping gears, or hesitation.

Acura Brake Problems

Premature brake wear has been reported by some Acura owners. This may result in a need for more frequent brake pad and rotor replacements.

Acura Power Steering Problems

Some Acura vehicles have been known to experience power steering issues, including leaks or pump failures, leading to difficulty in steering.

Acura Dashboard Display & Electronics Problems

Owners of certain Acura models have reported problems with the infotainment system, navigation, and other electronic components on the dashboard.

Acura Suspension Concerns

Complaints about the suspension system, including issues with shocks and struts, have been reported by some Acura drivers.

Acura Oil Consumption

Acura models, particularly some with V6 engines, have been known to experience higher-than-normal oil consumption. It’s advisable to monitor oil levels regularly.

Acura Engine Vibration Problems

Certain Acura models may experience engine vibration, especially at idle. This could be attributed to motor mounts or other factors.

Acura Rear Differential Noise

Some Acura models with all-wheel-drive systems have reported issues with noise or vibration coming from the rear differential.

Acura Door Lock Actuators

Malfunctions with door lock actuators have been reported in some Acura models, resulting in issues with locking and unlocking doors.

We Buy All Years & Models of Acura

It’s essential to keep in mind that not all Acura vehicles will experience these problems, and many owners have positive experiences with their cars. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to any issues can help prevent or mitigate potential problems. Additionally, checking for recalls and addressing them promptly can ensure that any manufacturing-related issues are resolved by the manufacturer. If you’re considering purchasing an Acura or currently own one, staying informed about common issues and performing regular maintenance can contribute to a positive ownership experience.

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  • Best tow truck and scrap car removal company in the city! you will get a fair deal always! :))

    Logan Kroeker Avatar Logan Kroeker

    Bill is awesome! Fast & gave me a quote upfront. My old car finally died and wasn't worth much to anyone, it was just taking up space. Call Bill for scrap car removal Calgary for sure!

    Scottie Breaux Avatar Scottie Breaux

    I called Bills Scrap Car to pick up an old parts car that was no longer needed. They are easy to talk to and deal with on the phone. The service was very fast ( same day) and super efficient once at my home. Very professional. Job well done

    Jeff Eves Avatar Jeff Eves
  • Great service, came right away no hassle offered a good price very friendly Would definitely recommend.

    Ryan Wesaquate Avatar Ryan Wesaquate

    I needed an old car removed from my property and I called Bill. He came over within a couple of hours of me calling him and took the car away quickly and efficiently. He kept his word on the amount that he quoted and I'm very pleased with his service overall. I will definitely use his service again in the future and I highly recommend him.

    Ndu Uwaga Avatar Ndu Uwaga

    I’ve used Bill a number of times and he’s always professional and on time! He even services areas like Cochrane and Airdrie. Ive been given the run around in the past by some others, so I’ll never call anyone else but Bill. Highly recommended!!

    Kevin Martens Avatar Kevin Martens
  • Bill is Great to work with. Gave us the exact amount he quoted over the phone. Couldn’t be easier and love dealing with an honest person! Highly recommend. Don’t hesitate calling Bill.

    Trent Berstad Avatar Trent Berstad

    Very nice guy, punctual and gave a good price for my scrap car! Definitely recommend!

    Lukas Avatar Lukas

    Bill was quick to respond with our quote, he was punctual, and very accommodating! He made us a reasonable offer for our scrap car based on practical assessment and a straight-forward paperwork process. Would **highly** recommend this business, especially over the local corporate low ballers.

    Calvin Ames Avatar Calvin Ames
  • Bill is the real deal. Great service, absolute legend.

    Evan Gibson Avatar Evan Gibson

    Bill has been in tow industry for a long time, and runs a reputable business. If you’re looking for a high level of service contact him.

    Adam Sarkozi Avatar Adam Sarkozi

    Very fast and friendly service. Quick to pick up work if his schedule changes! Great experience!

    Ian Craig Avatar Ian Craig
  • Great service and Bill was very friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend him!

    Joe G. Avatar Joe G.

    I've got a very good deal from Bill and helped me a lot to pick up my car, he is on time and very professional. You don't need to shop around if you want to get rid of your old car. Give him a call and you will be happy.

    Masoud Mehrabi Avatar Masoud Mehrabi

    Bill is a beauty! Was very patient while we switched some tires today. Excellent customer service. Cheers

    Samme Bateman-Hemphill Avatar Samme Bateman-Hemphill
  • Bill is a beauty, had the absolute pleasure of dealing with him yesterday, he’s kind, easy to deal with and fair. 100% will use his services again and would recommend him to anyone looking! Best guy in the game!

    Travis Trach Avatar Travis Trach

    Bill came and picked up our broke down car, gave us a great price and quick service.

    Jen Mian Avatar Jen Mian

    Answered phone promptly, gave a fair price over phone and picked up on time and quickly, friendly and personable. Would deal with again but of course hope I don't have to.

    mary jo T. Avatar mary jo T.
  • Bill is fantastic and gave us a very fair price for our vehicle. We appreciate him and definitely recommend him. Compared to other competitors, he is the best without a doubt. Thank you Bill!

    Dabin Yoon Avatar Dabin Yoon

    Great guy, came and looked at my car gave me my asking price. Super happy with his service. Would highly recommend his company.

    kandake miller Avatar kandake miller

    100% recommend dealing with Bill he's professional reasonably priced and great customer service! 👍👍👍

    Michael Henriques Avatar Michael Henriques
  • Fast, friendly, efficient service. Thank you, Bill!

    Todd Green Avatar Todd Green
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